Program for Breeding Hanoverian Show Jumping Horses in New Zealand

The Jumper Breeding Program is intended to promote the breeding of high quality Hanoverian show jumping horses in New Zealand. To be selected for the program, mares and stallions must have both an appropriate jumping pedigree and demonstrated jumping ability or offspring with demonstrated jumping ability.

Stallion Criteria

The criteria used by the PHS for selecting the stallions has been adopted for this program. In addition to having an appropriate jumping pedigree, a stallion must meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • A jumping index of at least 125 in the Stallion Performance Test.
  • A jumping score of 8.5 or higher in the Stallion Performance Test.
  • A jumping breeding value of at least 120.

Mare Criteria

The committee has also adopted similar criteria to that used by the PHS for selecting mares for the program. Mares must have an appropriate jumping pedigree and must meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • An overall jumping score of at least 8.0 in the Mare Performance Test.
  • A successful competition record in show jumping at ESNZ levels 1.30m or above (5 times in 1st to 3rd place); qualification for World Breeding Championships for Young Jumpers or Bundeschampionate in Germany.
  • The mare must have two (2) offspring with successful competition records, one with placings first to fifth in ESNZ 1.30m. These offspring must have acceptable registration papers from a member organization of the World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses.
  • Close relatives (e.g. full or half siblings from the same dam with successful show jumping competition records as above)

Owners of mares are encouraged to provide the committee with the appropriate information so that the mare may be considered for the programme.

Appropriate Jumping Pedigree

The following guidelines set forth what is generally considered to be an “appropriate jumping pedigree.” To some extent, these guidelines may be applied more strictly to stallions than to mares. First, the sire of the horse in question must be a “jumping sire,” preferably meeting the requirements as set forth above for the stallions selected for the program. Next, the sire of the dam and the sire of the granddam should either both be jumping sires or at a minimum one of the two should be a jumping sire, also preferably meeting the requirements as set forth above for stallion qualifications.

Some examples:


The Jumper Breeding Programme recognizes that some sires are multi-talented which makes for many variables. The Committee will consider every application very carefully and TB mares with the required performance records will be considered on a case-by-case basis in consultation with The Verband Jumper Programme Committee.

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