Membership Options

Associate Membership

$65per year
  • Receive the NZHS newsletter
  • Non-breeding
  • Non-voting

Full Membership

$150per year
  • Receive the Verband's monthly magazine
  • Full voting privileges
  • Breed and register horses

There are two financial levels of membership for the NZ Hanoverian Society.

They are:  Full breeding members and associate members.

A full breeding member is a person interested in, or actively taking part in, breeding and registering New Zealand Hanoverian horses. This is the level of membership you will need if that is your intention. Full members have voting rights at the Society’s Annual General Meeting. They receive “The Hanoverian”, which is a monthly magazine in English, published by the Verband via e-mail and it is available on this wevbsite to download.

An associate member is a person interested in furthering the objectives of the society. Associate members do not have voting rights at the society’s annual general meetings.

All members receive the New Zealand Hanoverian Society newsletter.

To learn more about becoming a member, contact the secretary or download the membership application form below.

Annual subscriptions
Full breeding members  $150.00
Associate members  $65.00

Membership Application Form (5222 downloads)