Come join us for the grand tour.

Hanoverian Tour of New Zealand February 2019

We are now taking expressions of interest – please contact Robin, the Studbook keeper – additional mares foals and colts are acceptable BUT do this ASAP please.

Feb 9th – arrive in Auckland until Feb 15th departing from Christchurch

Dr Werner Schade – Breeding Manager of Hannoveraner eV. And Volker Ehlers – Stallion judge from Camus, Washington State USA.

Mare and foal inspections, mare performance tests, mare families, colt assessments, stallion licensing

Areas to be visited – Auckland South, Kaitaia/Kerikeri, Auckland North West, Waikato,  Nelson, Christchurch/Rakaia.

There will be fees pertaining to this tour because it is an unprecedented new direction for NZ and Australia to at last be able to offer Stallion licensing in the Southern hemisphere. The korung will take place in NZ this year followed by the Performance testing of stallions that will take place in 2020 – at the cost of the stallion owner.

NZHS has already put in place a foal inspection fee at the August AGM – $100 each foal.

Fees for mare classification ($150 a single mare and $75 each for a group of 3 or more), Mare performance testing ($100 each mare) are also already in place.

Colt pre-selection assessment

Stallion korung (i.e. Approval to go forward for the Stallion Performance test to hopefully pass and be then licensed to breed Hanoverians or Rheinlanders).

Fees  will be based around real costs relating to those aspects of the tour – being that there must be TWO stallion judges.

Owners with horses outside the areas we have designated – due to the short time frame and those areas being the main breeding areas this season – will have to be prepared to travel their horses to their closest venue.

Fees must be paid before inspections take place and there will be no late entries – again due to the short time frame. We are totally privileged to have these extremely well qualified people visiting us and along with that comes costs that we all have to share.

Each foal inspected will be given a Certificate of Foal Assessment with the scores noted – and Premium Foals will have this certificate stamped as a Premium Foal.

All foals are eligible for the Hanoverian International Gold Medal Foal Awards – Best Dressage, Best Jumping, Best Rheinland AND the NZHS Studbook certificates for Best Hanoverian Mare, Best Mare Performance Test Mare, best Rheinland Mare, best foal in each category, best Mare Family. These are awarded at the AGM presentation each year.

Studbook keeper – Robin Potter.  Email:

Give all details of mare, foal, colt, stallion – photocopy of registration papers – your address and phone number and stud or owner details required on invoice.