NZHS Hanoverian and Rheinland Studbook Tour 2024


We are delighted to announce that there will be a Tour again – starting the week after the Auckland Manukau Dressage Premier League Show from January 22 – and continuing until a February 5 departure.

Renai Hart will oversee the organisation with assistance from co-opted member, Bridget Sutton. The Studbook keeper will supply the necessary information in order that they put a balanced Tour together for all involved. There will be area liaison people who will coordinate their area requirements with Renai and Bridget.

The main breeding centres of Auckland, Waikato, Hawkes Bay, Central Districts, North and South Canterbury and Kaitaia will be the focus. It was agreed that for breeders who live far afield or who cannot travel their horses to more centralised locations, video presentations will be available. There will be educational material available in order that the videos of the horses are well presented.



Katy Holder-Vale
Katy Holder-Vale
Introducing Katy Holder-Vale – our Studbook Judge for 2024

“I am a breeder and have been active in the breeding industry for more than 40 years, with a strong involvement in the Hanoverian breed. As a rider I started out in Eventing before moving on to Dressage; I have produced 3 horses from starting to Advanced.

“As an accredited judge for the German Hanoverian Horse Society covering Stallion Licensing, Mare Performance Test / Grading and foal shows, I have judged in Germany, Austria, Canada, and Australia.

“In 2024 I am due to judge in New Zealand, and I have been a British Hanoverian Horse Society committee member for more than 20 years. I have worked as a senior evaluator with the British Breeding Futurity program for 14 years doing live and virtual evaluations. In addition, I am executive director of the Department of Development for the World Breeding Federation of Sports Horses.

“This background stands me in good stead to assist the WBFSH studbooks to represent their views and help the development of the industry through collaboration of the studbooks.”

Katy runs Witcham House Stud Farm in England. In 2011 She was elected as Chairman of the British Hanoverian Horse Society.