The below describes the original Hanoverian stallions imported into NZ, as well as subsequent stallions now deceased or degregistered


New Zealand resident Hanoverian Stallion, Imported. Licensed and Performance Tested in Germany. Born 1991, Black, 16.3hh Performance tested at Adelhiedsdorf, ...
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Andretti (Holst.)

2002 Holsteiner stallion. Stam 776. 169 cms. Hanoverian approved and registered. (more…) ...
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2005 Hanoverian stallion. Licensed and Perfomance Tested. Brown, 167.5cm. WFFS tested - negative. (more…) ...
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Cassiano (Holst.)

170cm (16.3hh), Holsteiner, hanoverian approved. (more…) ...
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Corofino II Holst.

1997, 170cm Holsteiner stallion. Approved for  Hanoverian (more…) ...
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2003 Hanoverian Stallion, (approx. 16.3hh)    (more…) ...
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Dream Boy

1995 Hanoverian Stallion, 1995,  16.2hh. Licensed and Performance Tested at Neustadt Dosse in Germany in 1998. (more…) ...
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Eurocommerce Pennsylvania (aka Grand Pilot I)

Eurocommerce Pennsylvania Bavar. (Grand Pilot I)

1997 Stallion. 16.3hh. Licensed and Performance Tested for Hanoverian and Rheinland. (more…) ...
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Landro-L (deceased)

1992 Westphalian. (more…) ...
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1999 hanoverian stallion, 170cm. Licensed and performance tested in Germany. (more…) ...
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Lordano (Holst.)

1992 Holsteiner stallion, 163cm. Approved for Rheinland. (more…) ...
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Prestige VDL (Exported)

1997,  Holsteiner, 16.3hh; Licensed: Hanoverian*, KWPN, Swedish, Oldenburger, SWANA. (more…) ...
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Royal Oak II

Royal Oak II (Old.)

2004 Oldenburg stallion. 167.5 cm. Hanoverian licensed and performance tested. (more…) ...
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Swarovski (Old.)

2004 Oldenburg stallion; 170cm; Licensed and Performance Tested for Hanoverian, Rheinland and Westfalian Studbooks. (more…) ...
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Whisper IV (deceased)

1996 Hanoverian stallion, 17hh (more…) ...
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1997 chestnut. 16.2hh Hanoverian (more…) ...
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The A-line chestnut stallion Allermund (Absatz / StPrSt Alcantara by Aumund) was next on the scene. He served from 1982 to 1985 before an accident terminated his career.

Allermund did not produce many foals but his fillies have been sought to inject diversity into the New Zealand breeding population.

In New Zealand, a daughter, Antipodes, was a successful showjumper, before retiring to breed. Her offspring have also been successful in competition.



Next came the chestnut Distelfink (Diskus / StPr Doreen by Dueker) of the famous jumping line that descends from Dollart.

Distelfink stood from 1981 until he was de-registered by his owners in 1993. Distelfink has sired many very talented showjumpers such as Super Moth ridden by John Cottle, and Duty Free ridden by Maurice Beatson. Eventers GV Braveheart, GV Danzar, Falcon and Denver were all by Distelfink.

His bloodlines continue in the NZ Hanoverian breeding programme through his daughters. There are successful Distelfink descendants currently competing in dressage, eventing and showjumping.


The black D-line stallion Dynamit (Dynamo / Elfi by Eger II) served from 1990 until 1998 when he succumbed to a tragic paddock accident.

Dynamit’s best-known progeny have been Dominik T, Doonabago and KH Deutz in dressage.

His son, Aerodynamic was successful in showjumping at 1.45m.









Genius (Garibaldi / Dreamy by Diskus), a bay stallion of the top performing G-line, arrived next. Genius began serving mares in 1983 until his death in 2003.

Genius has produced many progeny that performed at high levels in dressage, showjumping and eventing in New Zealand.

The most well known of his offspring is the mare Gabana, who represented New Zealand in dressage at the 2004 Olympic games in Athens, ridden by Louisa Hill.



Silent Hunter XX

The refining stallion thoroughbred Silent Hunter XX (Gun Shot XX / Spaws Arrow XX by Swaps XX) was introduced in 1987. Silent Hunter XX served from 1987 to 1991.


The first was the black F – line descendent Winnebago (Winnetou / Wulfine by Wulf) who served in New Zealand from 1977 to 1979. This stallion developed fertility problems in 1979 and was sold to the USA where he was a successful showjumper for many years.

Winnebago’s progeny have included dressage horses Felicitation and Waldebago. The show-jumper Bago represented New Zealand at the Olympics as the showjumping mount of Mark Todd.




Winnebago was followed by another Winnetou son, the chestnutWitzbold (Winnetou / Lady by Lugano II), who served from 1978 to 1986. This stallion has had a most significant influence on the New Zealand Hanoverian breed, producing many well-performed horses and being much sought-after as a dam sire in the 1990s. His progeny include Waikare (Witzbold / Rocklyn XX by Rocky Mountain XX), Mosaic and Playskool in dressage. Waikare represented New Zealand at the Sydney Olymic Games in 2000 with her rider Kallista Field.

Monopoly, a Witzbold son, was a world-ranked showjumper, (ranked in the top 10) representing Canada at the Olympics, and Writzmarc represented The Netherlands at the Olympics as an eventer. Many of our currently successful Hanoverian competition horses descend from Witzbold mares.