In New Zealand we have licensed, performance tested Hanoverian stallions that were bred in Germany, and other stallions from non-Hanoverian populations that have gained Hanoverian breeding approval.

Only foals from these stallions, or from the frozen semen of approved stallions, out of Hanoverian classified mares, are eligible for registration and birth branding as Hanoverian riding horses. The rules that apply to Rheinland foal registrations differ as to the Mare Studbook Status of the mare – but she must be in a section of the Rheinland Studbook. All stallions mentioned above plus Rheinland licensed stallions can be mated with Rheinland Studbook mares to produce Rheinland registered foals.

If you are unsure about a stallion’s status, please do not hesitate to contact the Studbook keeper or one of our classifiers for advice.

Past and Foundation Stallions are here.   Also see here for criteria for NZ based Stallions in Stallion Book II

Bravado Ego Z

Bravado Ego Z (Holst.)

2009 Holsteiner stallion. 169 cm. Licensed  and Performance Tested for Rheinland ...
Casebrook Lomond (Holst)

Casebrook Lomond (Holst.)

2008 Holsteiner stallion. Licensed for Hanoverian Stallion Book 1b, and for Selle Francais (North American Studbook) ...
Comme Fu (Westf.)

Comme Fu (Westf.)

2018 Westfalian stallion. Licensed for Hanoverian Stallion Book I – pending performance testing ...
Euro Sport Centavos

Euro Sport Centavos

2004 Hanoverian stallion, 172cm; Licensed and Performance Tested for: Hanoverian, Oldenburg, SBS and NZWB studbooks ...
Lingh II

Lingh II (KWPN.)

2007 Dark Bay KWPN Stallion 170cm. Licensed and Performance Tested  for Rheinland ...
Nibali de Jolie Z (Zang).

Nibali de Jolie Z (Zang.)

2019 stallion. Licensed for Hanoverian Stallion Book I – pending performance testing ...

Vivant (BWP.)

1998 Belgian Warmblood, approved for Hanoverian and Rheinland breeders. 16.2hh, bay ...