The tour was a busy one with many venues and Maren Schlender was not 100% fit due to a travel related viral bug which made it difficult enough for her – and then of course we had a cyclone blow us all away and flood many parts of the North Island. This caused many hours of rescheduling due to cancelled flights and very inclement conditions making the tasks 100% more difficult. There were compensations made by using Zoom and video calls to manage to get all but a very few breeders seen in the 10 crazy days.

There were two very special presentations made early on though – to Sports Performance Mares.

Henton Faberge – For Edition/Genius (also an Elite Mare sash as she was winner of her Mare Performance Test in her younger days).

She has an ET filly by Cavoiro H OS – and is still jumping Grand Prix at age 17 with recent successes and has had 3 World Cup campaigns as well. B. Henton Lodge Hanoverians – Dave and Bridget Sutton.

And Fleur Delacour – Corofino II Holst./Lio Calyon Holst. B. Butch Thomas Owned and ridden by Samantha Whale .

She has an ET filly by Catch (Holst.) and has just completed her first year at World Cup level where she finished up 6th overall. The very attractive filly named Bia is bred by Samanth Whale.

The statistics:

Stallion licensing – 3 stallions. Yet to be confirmed by the Verband

Mare Classifications total 51  – Hanoverian mares 26, Thoroughbred mares 4

– Rheinland mares 21

Foal assessments total 66  – Hanoverian Dressage bred 36, Hanoverian Jumping bred 8

– Rheinland dressage bred  17, Rheinland Jumping bred  5

There were a total of 27 Premium foals and most of the remainder scored 7.5 or more. The best foals will be reported after the completion of the remaining visits.

We thank Maren Schlender for her time and expertise and for sharing her vast knowledge with as many people as possible – given the circumstances she was unbelievable.

We also thank all the helpers along the way –

Helen and Rodney Williamson – transport and catering in Christchurch
Angela MiIler – transport Hawkes Bay
Anne Stewart – lunch in Pataua North
Judy Matthews – hospitality, catering and transport in Northland
Adele White and Cindy Wiffin –  showing horses in dire circumstances in a state of cyclone shock in Hawkes Bay
Nikita Osborne ( and her Mum Julie Harrison)- afternoon tea in Te Arai
John and Angela Smith – use of Starlink for Zoom presentation and dinner
Dave and Bridget Sutton – dinner
Renai Hart – for lunch on her presentation day and transport to Te Arai then dinner post Northland sector
Judy Wear – morning tea for Northern Auckland area day
Ashleigh Kendall – keeping the  social media train running with photos
Fleur Delacour with Sam Whale and Maren Schlender
Henton Ethereal – recip dam for Henton Faberge’s Cavoiro H OS filly – Maren Schlender, Bridget and Dave Sutton

Robin Potter, Studbook keeper

The Hanoverian Studbook Tour 2023 – interim report