By Judith Wear
Two prominent members of The New Zealand
Hanoverian Society died recently.
Sara Williams was one of the foundation members of
the society. From 1977 when we first began she
rarely missed a meeting. Nick Williams, an
international dressage judge and our second
president, always referred to her as Cousin Sara.
They were part of the well known Williams Family
from Wairoa.
For twelve years Sara was secretary and then
treasurer of our society and stud book keeper for ten
years. In those days everything was written in long
hand. She had an extensive knowledge of New
Zealand thoroughbreds and their bloodlines, which
was important because Hanoverian classified
thoroughbreds were our foundation brood mares.
Two of Sara's broodmares were by Witzbold, and
she was an ardent supporter of Anamour. The last
foal she bred was Archie (Anamour/Dynamit), now
ridden at advanced dressage level by Betty Brown.
Sara was a life member of our society.
Berny Maubach was also an active member.
He was president of the society from 1988 until 1993,
when the combined society split into the present two
independent societies.
Berny was briefly a supporter of the Cleveland Bay
breed of horses and then became interested in the
Hanoverian breed when Distelfink arrived in the
country. He imported Dynamit, a registered and
licensed Hanoverian stallion.
Berny, who was a former German police officer, lived
near Wanganui. He loved his horses and made a
special burial ground for his beloved stallions where
his own ashes are now scattered.