Longines WBFSH Breeder Awards

Every year, the world’s best breeders in the disciplines of Jumping, Dressage and Eventing are honoured in the “Longines WBFSH Breeder Awards”.

This year, we are celebrating the breeders of the highest-ranking horses in Mannheim, on Sunday 8th May during the break in the Nations Cup. Longines will award the winning breeders a watch and the breeders receive framed certificates and embroidered blankets from the WBFSH. The studbook representatives will also be at the award ceremony.

The WBFSH and Longines share many passions and values. Longines watches today pay homage to the original elegance and aesthetic of its historic timepieces, just as equestrian breeding reflects a proud tradition and appreciation not only of talent and performance, but also of the natural elegance and refined beauty of our horses.

Like breeders who build on a unique heritage and lineage passed on from generation to generation combined with modern innovation and science, Longines combines the refinement of the past with the high precision of modern Swiss watchmaking techniques.

It was a pleasure to catch up with each of our Longines WBFSH Breeder Awards Winners for the 2021 season. Each breeder has a unique story, but all share a wealth of skill and passion that lies at the heart of everything we do.

Particularly inspiring is the fact that none of our 2021 award winners are large breeders, each only breeding a couple of foals a year. When it comes to success, quality and the individual knowledge of and care for our mares are paramount. Equally important to all our breeders was the fact that our horses need to end up in the right hands where they can flourish and fulfil their potential, showing that breeding and the sport must work together.

Silke Druckenmüller
Breeder of TSF Dalera BB
(photo credit Dirk Caremans)

Dalera was only the third foal Silke Druckenmüller has ever bred, and Silke can still not quite believe that as a small amateur breeder, she has achieved the highest award breeding has to offer. From the moment Dalera was born, it was clear to Silke that she had bred a highly athletic foal with great performance potential. As a young horse, Dalera already showed exceptional rideability and willingness to learn and cooperate, giving her riders a wonderful feeling.

Silke came into breeding as a keen amateur dressage rider, which has given her the experience of what to look for when it comes to selecting stallions for her mares. Her interest in breeding was sparked when she bought a Trakehner mare as a riding horse for herself and developed a friendship with the breeder. Silke soon bought a second Trakehner mare, again with the long term aim to keep her as a riding horse for herself, but not before breeding one foal from her. The result was Dalera. Silke continued to ride the mare several years before returning her to full time breeding when Dalera began to show her exceptional talent and aptitude for dressage.

Wim Vanderlinden, Chloé
Ruys and Christophe van Turtelboom
Breeders of H&M Indiana

(photo credit Dirk Caremans)

The top showjumper of the 2021 season does not have one, but three breeders! Wim Vanderlinden, Chloé Ruys and Christophe van Turtelboom have known each other for a very long time and developed a friendship with started when Wim was training Christophe. Christophe and Chloé are married and run a competition yard with 20 stables. For all three of them, producing young horses, riding and competing are the main focus, and have influenced their breeding decisions over the years.

It is with this perspective that the team chose Kashmir van Schuttershof as a stallion known for exceptional temperament and trainability for their mare Halifax.

From a very young age, there was something special about Indiana. Chloé remembers fondly that she was a very confident, sweet natured and friendly foal, but that she also always made her opinions known, for example when it came to farrier visits or moving fields. Under saddle, she turned out to be no different, showing herself to be challenging to her riders on the flat, but exceptional over fences, as it was quite clear that she absolutely loved to jump.

With a horse of this talent, but also a strong will, an exceptional, sensitive rider was needed to be able to get the best out of this mare. The team all agree that in Malin Baryard-Johnsson, Indiana had found the perfect partner who was able to win this exceptional mare’s trust and get the best out of her.

Ocke Riewerts
Breeder of London 52

(photo credit Dirk Caremans)

For our next Longines WBFSH Breeder Awards winning breeder, we travel north to the beautiful North Sea island of Föhr. With an area of just over 30 square miles and a population of a little over 8000, the island may not be very big, but it has long been the home of a community of small, passionate breeders and their much-loved mares. Here we meet Ocke Riewerts who inherited his passion for breeding from his father and who runs his small stud as a hobby, producing only a couple of foals every year.

London 52’s mother, Vernante, was Ocke’s first home-bred State Premium mare. His sire Landos was stationed on Föhr where he was available to local breeders, even for natural coverings. His power and performance focus made him an excellent choice for Ocke’s athletic blood type mares. London was sold as a foal as a stallion prospect, before being discovered for his eventing potential and ending up with the British rider Laura Collett.

In the meantime, breeding continues on Föhr, with Ocke’s sons lending a hand on the family farm and ensuring that we can expect great sport horses to come from this small island in years to come.

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Longines WBFSH Breeder Awards