The Hanoverian and Rheinland  Breeding Programme– Registrations

The Process Explained

NZHS is directed by the terms of our Contract with the Hanoverian Verband in Verden Germany, allowing NZ horse breeders to breed both Hanoverian and Rheinland registered Sport Horses using their Breeding Programme set down in the breeding rules of the NZ Hanoverian Society. This allows us to use the global recognised Brands of the Hanoverian and Rheinland Horse.

It is called a Breeding Programme which means that as a breeder you commit following this programme with the aim of breeding a World recognised quality, modern riding/sport horse.

The programme works with

  • Stallions being licensed and performance tested for Hanoverian and or Rheinland.
  • Mares qualifying for and meeting the mare classification criteria for the entry into the mare Studbook (either Hanoverian or Rheinland).
  • The Hanoverian and Rheinland brands are registered trademarks and can only be used on horses bred from mares and by stallions entered and approved in the mare and stallion studbooks within the breeding programme.
  • Horses with pedigree papers issued from the Hanoverian and Rhineland Breeding Progamme can be referred to as Hanoverian or Rheinland  Horses and only then does the name apply.
  • All registrations are Parent Verified through DNA testing before papers are issued.
  • The Hanoverian Studbook – well over 250 years old – is strictly selective and is recognised as one of the foundation studbooks of modern sport horse breeding.
  • The Rheinland Studbook has slightly more liberal/open laws relating to the pedigree origin of Stallions and Mares, and it has three levels of Mare Studbook eligibility to reflect this.
  • Therefore, cases will occur where it is possible to register foals with Rheinland which are by stallions who are not approved for the Hanoverian breeding programme.

Please contact the Studbook keeper with any enquires about whether your mare and/or foal are eligible.

Also you can contact by phone for advice and breeding suggestions. Also refer to the Breeder Guide attached below.

Robin Potter 021 1733299                      Renai Hart    027 5439794

2019 Hanoverian Breeder’s Guide

New foal? Planning to breed one? All you need to know about The Breeding Programme