Congratulations to all the breeders, owners and riders of these very accomplished horses – with the results coming from The Super 5 classes in each dressage level – at the Premier League Championship Shows over the 2019 -20 season.

National Dressage Super 5 Series -2020 Results

North Island

Vetpro Equine Supplements Preliminary:

2nd  Frieden Star Imp. (Fidertanz/ Royal Diamond) Ridden by Amanda Macpherson, B. Audrey Kirchner, AUS

8th GC Lucius Rhein(Limonit/Anamour) Ridden by Catlin Benzie B. Gregory Smith

Matthews Hanoverians Novice:

4th Griffindor MH (Gymnastik Star/Graf Landau) Ridden by Molly Lumb B. Matthews Hanoverians

Heritage Equine Elementary:

1st Ganache MH (Gymnastik Star/Dream Boy)  Ridden by Kathryn Corry B. Matthews Hanoverians

Ganache MH and Ruby MH

3rd HSP Soe Imp (Sporken/De Niro) Ridden by Henrieke Puketapu, B. Virgina Urbath, GER

5th Georgia MH (Gymnastik Star/Riverdance) Ridden by Reece Downham, B. Matthews Hanoverians

6th Santana MH (Santino/Anamour) Ridden by Cindy Wiffen, B. Matthews Hanoverians

Dunstan Horse Feeds Medium:

2nd River Jim Imp. (Riverside/Aachimedes) Ridden by Vaughn Cooper B. Jill Wilcock

4th EM Fanfare MH (Furstenball Old./Dancier) Ridden by Casey Burton B. Matthews Hanoverians

Back on Track Advanced Medium:

1st Anuschka PSH (Anamour/Gaius xx) Ridden by Kathryn Corry B. Phoenix Sport Horses

2nd Timbermill Prequel (Prestige VDL/Dream Boy) Ridden by Vanessa Way B. Kerry Sanders

Timbermill Prequel

5th Kinnordy Golda (Gymnastik Star/Daktylus) Ridden by Madison Schollum B. David and Julie Brougham

6th Redwood Furst Affair Imp. (Furstenball Old./Londondery) Ridden by Morgan Beere B. Redwood Stud AUS

9th Royal Dream (Royal Blend/Worldwide PB) Ridden by Haydee Wells-Parmenter B. CHS Hanoverians

Royal Dream

Hobson Horse Coaches Advanced:

4th Don Vito MH (Don Frederico/Anamour) Ridden by Wendi Williamson  B. Matthews Hanoverians

5th Laila Dawn (Limonit/Anamour) Ridden by Nicki Sunley B. Ad Astra Hanoverians

7th Bon Jovi MH (Bonifatius/Weltmeyer) Ridden by Wendi Williamson B. Matthews Hanoverians

Custom Logistics Small Tour:

3rd BL About Time (Anamour/Genius) Ridden by Penny Castle B. Bilbar Lodge

4th Hapsburg PSH (His Highness/Gaius xx) Ridden by Liz Hutson B. Phoenix Sport Horses

6th Hot Chocolate MH (His Highness/Weltmeyer) Ridden by Chanel Flyger Owner Jean Jeffs B. Matthews Hanoverians

12th Sansibar imp. (San Moritz/Bergamon) Ridden by Jayna Dineen Owned by Riverpark Hanoverians B. Johann Kuever GER

Andrea Raves Fetterman Medium Tour:

3rd Amici II (Anamour/Magic of Sydney xx) Ridden by Catherine West B. Bilbar Lodge

4th Decadance MH (Dacaprio/Anamour) Ridden by Wendi Williamson B. Matthews Hanoverians

7th Stoneylea Lancelot (Limonit/Anamour) Ridden by Jen Sim B. Stoneylea Farm

Stoneylea Lancelot

11th Belladonna MH (Brentano II/Gymnastik Star) Ridden by Julie Flintoff B. Matthews Hanoverians

Fanfare MH and Belladonna MH


12th De Caprio MH (De Niro/Witzbold) Ridden by Christine Reynolds B. Matthews Hanoverians

Super Rubber Surfaces Grand Prix:

1st Rosari Don Carlos(Don Frederico/Anamour) Ridden by Kieryn Walton B. Rosari Stud

Rosari Don Carlos

2nd Aphrodite (Anamour/Jacinto xx) Ridden by Cooper Oborn, Bred and owned by Belinda and Emily Stuchbery


3rd Dancealong (Dream Boy/Wolkentanz II) Ridden by Susan Tomlin B. Patricia Dalrymple

4th Back on Track Astute (Anamour/Western Symphony xx) Ridden by Toni Louisson  B. Jaqui Quinn& Joy Hickling

6th Ardmore (Anamour/Dynamit) Ridden by Lucarne Dolley B. Justine Hodson

7th Aztec Lad (Anamour/Lavinsky xx)  Ridden by Paula Stuart B. Shane & Leanne Smith

10th Vom Feinstein Imp. (Fidermark/Weltmeyer) Ridden by Julie Brougham  B.Rudi Kemm GER

South Island

Vetpro Equine Supplements Preliminary:

2nd Rolmanis (Royal Mirage W/Anamour)  Ridden by Gillian Edgar  B. Kristin CottamRolmanis

Matthews Hanoverians Novice:

4th Denzel MH (Dancier/Brentano II ) Ridden by Mary Davis B. Matthews Hanoverians

6th Lothario PSH (Limonit/Gaius xx)  Ridden by Charmaine Racke B. Phoenix Sport Horses

Heritage Equine Elementary:

3rd D’Malia (Rhein studbook mare) (Donnerubin/Master) Ridden by Jane Fibbes, B. Dr Debra Bromiley

Back on Track Level 5:

3rd Sartorial Hit SW (Sarcozy/Anamour) Ridden by Jackie Thomas, B. Sterling Warmbloods

Sartorial Hit SW

Hobson Horse Coaches Advanced:

6th Donatello MH (De Niro/Witzbold) Ridden by Giselle Conway B. Matthews Hanoverians

Andrea Raves Fetterman Medium Tour:

1st Gammon KS Imp. Gymnastik Star/) Ridden by Joy White B. Kinnordy Stud AUS

3rd Kinnordy Gambado (Gymnastik Star/ Daktylus ) Ridden by Kristy Schist, B. Kinnordy Stud AUS


Congratulations and well done everyone!!

Dressage NZ National Super 5 Series – Hanoverians in the winner’s circle