We are being given this new opportunity – a first in Australasia. We must have two stallion judges from the Verband. The stallion owners will share the costs which will also include their accomodation for that part of the trip, venue hire and will the cost will depend entirely on how many younger colts are put forward for pre-inspection comment. There has previously been only one other possibility – that being for for the older stallion licensing through performance in sport.
Verband approved Veterinary inspection and X-Rays reports must be provided in advance of the inspection – and be approved by the Verband vet prior to inspection.
The stallion will be shown in hand on the triangle, inspected for physical attributes and also be shown ridden.
This is part one.
The follow up is the Performance Testing if they pass the licensing inspection. There is no way we can stage that her in NZ – there has to be a group of stallions – and the proposal is to run it at Willinga in NSW in 2020.
This may sound awfully expensive but compared to the alternatives of either sending a young colt to EuropeΒ  or putting him through the years of training and showing necessary to gain the necessary performance requirements through the sport –Β  this new possibility is far less expensive, faster and less likely to fail through either lack of performance and or lack or ongoing soundness.


Stallion Licensing in NZ 2019