Conformation Analysis and Foal Assessments – for 8+ score


Foals – remember that no two foals are alike – Type, Foundation, Movement

Type – a good balanced frame. Not too big nor too small.

Fillies – feminine, expressive and elegant

Colts – masculine, strong and athletic

Foundation –    correct angles hoof to pastern both from the front and side views

  • correct lines shoulder to scapula, croup to hock
  • correct lines down through limbs

Movement – springy, ground covering trot with an uphill tendency, moving through

the whole body with good joint articulation, and hind legs pushing through

  • 4 beat walk with swing through the back and showing good overstep. Looks like a panther

See the following online also

Horse Conformation Analysis – University of Arkansas   US Dept of Agriculture for a good read.

Diagrams below…..

Image result for horse front leg conformation

Related image

Image result for horse body balance conformation

Horse conformation20180807_22214698
















Mare and Foal Assessment Info – short version