NZ Hanoverian Society Inc. – New member of the WBFSH

(The World Breeding Federation of Sport Horses)

About the WBFSH

The WBFSH is the only international federation of studbooks for sport horses in the world. The WBFSH is the major connection between the breeding organisations of sport horses and the international equestrian sport (FEI).

Together, FEI and WBFSH have organized the World Breeding Championships for Sport Horses (WBCSH) in dressage, jumping, and eventing since 1992.

Every month the WBFSH/FEI ranking of each discipline is published on the WBFSH website, providing official information on every horse competing at international level all around the world. Pedigree information and studbook rankings are available. At the end of the year, the breeders of the winning horses will be presented the WBFSH Breeding prize at various international competition events in the country of the respective prizewinning members.

German rider Beatrice Buchwald and the Rheinlander mare Victoria's Secret by Vitalis / Fidermark won the world championship for 5-year-old horses in dressage in Ermelo in 2016.
German rider Beatrice Buchwald and the Rheinlander mare Victoria’s Secret by Vitalis / Fidermark won the world championship for 5-year-old horses in dressage in Ermelo in 2016.

New Zealand Hanoverians already appear in the rankings for the year ended September 2017. In Dressage we have De jaVu MH and Raukura Sartori MH (ranked in the list of the top dressage sire De Niro) B. Matthews Hanoverians.

JHT Antonello B. Ana Simson, Arawn B. Bilbar Lodge and KH Ambrose B. Karaka Hills Sporthorses make it into the rankings for Anamour – still ranked at No 33.

In Eventing we can see Balmoral Henton B. Henton Lodge Hanoverians, ranked in the list of top Eventing sire Contendro I. Others in the very long list of eventing horses are:

Gymnastik Showdown (Gymnastik Star) B. Prue Jackson.

In Disguise (Eurosport Centavos) B. Janene Maxwell

Eon (El Bundy) B. Sara Milne

For Fame (For Edition) B. Jo Howard

World Famous (Worldwide PB)

Clifton Signature (Earl) B. John and Angela Smith.


The Hanoverian Studbook ranks No 2 in Dressage, No 7 in Show Jumping and No 5 in Eventing.


The top Show jumping sire is Chacco Blue – which will come as no surprise as he is featured every month in the show reports in Der Hannoveraner that we send to members.

Our members have used others that are well up in the sires’ rankings:

Cornet Obolensky 4th, Kannan 7th, Balou du Rouet 9th, Contendro I 19th, Indoctro 20th.

Grafenstolz – ranked 10th in eventing sires has a filly bred by Janene Maxwell and Jean Johnstone growing up in Southland. Something to look forward to seeing in competition.

2018 will be exciting – with WEG in Tryon, North Carolina to look forward to – and with all the stars well aligned – a New Zealand team each for Dressage, Jumping and Eventing – to help build the number of NZ Hanoverian and Rheinland bred horses in the lists.