Hanoverians in Jumping

We are so used to stories about successful dressage horses – and hardly ever any posts about jumpers and eventers so here is some news to gladden the hearts of the breeders of some jumping horses. In showjumping we regularly see

Alacazam MH (Anamour/Allermund) – Tegan Fitzsimon. Breeders Matthews Hanoverian

Alaczam MH 2016
Alacazam MH


Henton Excalibur (El Bundy/Dynamit) – Rachel Malcolm  in the Grand Prix ring.Henton Exchequer (El Bundy/Anamour) – Dannie Maurer.Henton Constantine (Contendro I/Escudo I)  Owner Aria Small – in the Pony 1.20 ring.All bred by Henton Lodge Hanoverians – Dave and Bridget Sutton.

In the up-and -coming levels -Dawn (Dream Boy/Allermund) – Emma Buckingham. Breeder Jane Vallings

Remi World Prince (Worldly/Lanthan) – Andy Daines. Breeders Remi Stud, Queensland

Grafitti MH (Graf Top/Earl) – Melody Matheson. Breeders Matthews Hanoverian

Graffiti MH 2015
Grafitti MH

Equador MW (Escudo I/Genius) – Oliver Edgecumbe rider. Breeder Mary Wilson

In show hunter –

Diamond Legacy (Limonit/Rua Rakuna xx). Breeder Sarah Bishell

Dawn (Dream Boy/Allermund) – Emma Buckingham. Breeder Jane Vallings

Disney (Dream Boy/Drumochter xx) – Stephanie Joustra. Breeder Sarah Milne

In eventing there is a growing number of registered Hanoverians competing throughout the grades.

Balmoral Henton (Contendro I/Distelfink) – Sim KannHenton Faberge (For Edition/Genius) – Olivia Sutton

Henton First Lady and Henton First Edition – both by  (For Edition/Anamour)

Henton Faberge (For Edition/Genius) – rider Olivia Sutton

Henton Faberge - For Edition_Genius_ Olivia Sutton
Henton Faberge

Henton Ambition (Anamour/JO Dahlia xx)  –  Louise Leonard

Henton Armada (Anamour/Distelfink) and Henton Serenade (Satisfaction/Distelfink) – Tom and Christen Lane  – all bred by Dave and Bridget Sutton of Henton Lodge Hanoverians

Gymnastik Showdown (Gymnastik Star/Aberlou xx)  –  Greer Caddigan. Breeder Prue Jackson

Gymnastik Showdown - Gymnastik Star_Aberlou xx_ Greer Caddigan
Gymnastik Showdown

Parkridge D`Vine (Don Bosco/Exploding Prospect xx)  – Andy Daines. Breeder Carol Eivers

Parkridge D`Vine - Don Bosco_Exploding Prospect xx _ Andy Daines
Parkridge D`Vine

CHS Ripleys Dream (Rascalino/Worldwide PB) – Donna Edwards-Smith

CHS Royale Genie (Royal Blend/Dynamit)  – Sam Mynott – both bred by Tracey Blackmore

Dare to Dream PSH (Dream Boy/Vyners Orb xx)  – Vickie Wilson. Breeder Nicolette Rendle of PSH

LV Larnie (Landro L/Sky Filou xx)

LV Balou Skye (Balou du Rouet/Chatham xx)

LV Balou Jeanz (Balou du Rouet/Colombia xx)

– Jessica Woods.Breeders Paul and Natalie Woods

Balou Jeanz - Balou du Rouet_Colombia xx _ Jessica Woods
LV Balou Jeanz

Eon (Indoctro/Distelfink) – Dannie Lodder. Breeder Sarah Milne.

Lexington (Limonit/Karensky xx)  – Andy Daines. Breeder Melissa Nadin

FIS Santo (Sandreo/Anamour) – Zoie Grey. Breeders The Hope Family


Another Genius grand child Hawk Armada SC is also doing really well in 1* (the dam Garland is out of the Winnebago mare Felicitation – Eric Ropiha’s wonderful Grand Prix dressage mare  ridden in the main by Penny Castle but also by Eric himself).

And not to be forgotten – on the international scene

Recently at Kentucky Horses Trials – Clifton Signature (Espri LB/Happy Melody xx) with Jock Paget. Breeders Stoneylea Farm – John and Angela Smith

Henton Attorney General (Anamour/Distselfink) – with Rosa Onslow he has had several starts in the Young Rider division and recently placed again. Breeders Henton Lodge Hanoverians – Dave and Bridget Sutton


Hanoverians in Jumping and Eventing

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