1.Stallion owners notify Studbook Keeper of all inseminations, in writing, via the stallion return form.
2.Studbook Keeper sends owner the mare return form and the foal return form.
3.Owner completes and returns the mare return form, confirming to the Studbook Keeper the type of insemination, the
names of the stallion and mare.
4.In the following breeding season, the foal is born.
Within 28 days of the birth of a foal, the mare owner completes the foal return form and returns it to the Studbook
Keeper. This form notifies the Studbook Keeper of the outcome of the pregnancy, the foal’s date of birth and physical
identification (sex, colour, markings). If possible, include your chosen foal name.
5.Parent verification by DNA:
As soon as possible, a mane hair sample is taken from the foal by your vet, and sent to DNA lab. DNA lab sends
result to Studbook Keeper.
6.The Studbook Keeper, on receipt of the physical ID and the DNA result, will send branding letter to the owner, which
includes the foal’s allocated life number and descriptions of both mare and foal to enable the vet to correctly identify
the foal before the brand is applied. This letter is usually sent around the beginning of March.
7.Branding documentation returned to Studbook Keeper by vet or owner.
8.Studbook Keeper issues pedigree certificate (Pink Paper) in a timely manner.

Fact Box – Foal Registration Pathway