Paper Trail


This is one of the very important things to take note of – as the papers are internationally recognised so the paper trail must be very robust and traceable. Even if you decide not to register your foal the person you sell it to might well do so. If there is no proof of the mating and the process you went through the new owner cannot do a thing about it.


  1. Pedigree – confirmed
  2. Service Certificate from the Stallion owner or semen provider
  3. A vet’s bill or written confirmation is always a good back up to cover you – name of mare, stallion and date of last service
  4. Foal return form – send to Studbook keeper on arrival of the foal (this can be emailed)
  5. DNA hair sample posted off to Massey to obtain a PVR (Parent Verification Report) for the foal – and mare if not already in our Database at Massey (check with me first)


Registration Process


  1. Probable foals identified from Stallion returns
  2. Foal return forms sent to mare owners
  3. In February branding letters are sent out with instructions
  4. Fees invoice also sent at that point – pay the fees.
  5. Branding iron is dispatched to the designated vet clinic
  6. Return the paperwork – form filled in and the affidavit signed off by the vet
  7. DNA report received from Massey
  8. Registration PINK PAPERS are sent when all the above has been completed.



First Year Member –  $75

Full Breeding Member – $150

DNA –  $100 per animal

Mare Classification – $150 single or $75 each in a group of 3 or more

Foal Registration – $50

Change of Ownership – $30

Fact Box Registrations – the paper trail