Stallions that can be used


  1. Hanoverian

All licensed and performance tested Hanoverian registered stallions and stallions from other studbooks that have gained Hanoverian approval e.g. Holstein, KWPN (Dutch Warmblood) Selle Francais, Trakhener, Oldenburg, Westpahlian and certain select Thoroughbreds


  1. Rhineland

All Hanoverian licensed and Performance tested – Hanoverians and Hanoverian approved stallions (as above)

All stallions that have been licensed for the Rhineland Studbook e.g. Bellisimo M, Florestan, Lord Loxley, Ehrentush. Some Rhineland stallions have been approved for Hanoverian use like these ones , but this is not always the case


Always check with the person you are purchasing semen from – and/or look up the Stallions home page where it will state which Studbooks he is able to be used in.


Mares – eligibility


  1. Hanoverian birth branded Studbook mares – must pass with minimum of 6 in the mare classification.
  2. Pre- Studbook Hanoverian bred mares with the first two generations of approved Hanoverian pedigree – and registered with NZWB or AWHA as examples. Overall score must be 7.
  3. TB mares – with a 4 generation NZ Racing Studbook pedigree – must pass with 7 overall and be 160cm high.
  4. Mares with Hanoverian approved studbook pedigrees – Holsteiner, KWPN, Selle Francais, Trakhener, Oldenburg, Westpahlian – must pass with overall 7
  5. Rhineland mares – this includes imported Rhineland mares, mares from AWHA and NZWB registries with the required pedigrees. Main studbook mares must pass with 6 overall.

Required pedigrees would for example contain any of the above mentioned pedigrees but Rhineland is a more open book which will include Danish, Belgian, Swedish, Baden-Wurttemberg Warmbloods, Irish riding horse, Hessen, Anglo Arabian, Arabian.

Colour is also permissible and the mare can be smaller than 160cm.


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