Xtreme day - Henton Evita after her Mare performance test
Xtreme day – Henton Evita (El Bundy/Distelfink) after her Mare performance test


In the Mare Performance Test the basic gaits, jumping talent in free jumping as well as the mare’s rideability (assessed by a test rider) are judged. In New Zealand we undertake this in a Field Test situation – held over one day.


For the assessment , individual criteria scores are given covering the marks 0 (not performed) to 10 (excellent). The final certificate contains an overall score as well as the subscores – which result from the individual scores for the basic gaits, rideability and jumping talent.


The Judges commission consists of 3 representatives of the New Zealand classification panel OR (preferably) a representative of the Verband assisted by members of the New Zealand classification panel.

The test rider will be appointed by the Executive Committee. He or she will have had reasonable experience at FEI level competition  at least and ideally should be also be a NZEF qualified trainer.



The following criteria have been established for the jumping lane set up….as per overseas testing guidelines.

This  MAY be altered between elements 2 and 3 to suit shorter striding mares to encourage the best possible result for all participants.

There will be THREE jumping efforts, the first being a small upright approx. 50cm. Followed by an upright of approx 90cm. after 1 stride  and TWO strides to an oxer which will vary in height upwards to test technique and scope.

This final oxer has no limits in height but will start at around 1.10m high and 1.00m wide.

There will be TWO marks given – one for technique and one for scope.


ELITE MARES- criteria

Mares that have achieved the following:

  1. overall 7.5 in the Mare classification
  2. passed Performance test with overall 7.5

(or 8 in one of the 3 following categories – gaits, rideability, free jumping – allowing a possible score of 5 in jumping for dressage bred mares

  • have a registered Hanoverian foal


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