Pre Studbook and S Studbook give breeders two further options to breed a Registered Hanoverian foal.

Pre Studbook

Mares that are Hanoverian bred with Hanoverian licensed pedigree or Hanoverian Verband approved pedigree in the first two generations.

  • The mares have not been Hanoverian  birth branded but have Verified birth certificate   papers from the Non Stud Book are eligible.
  • All the Mare Studbook conditions apply with the additional requirement that they have an overall pass mark of 7.
  • Hanoverian fillies from these mares are eligible to go into the Main Studbook.



S’ Studbook. Birth Branded Hanoverian Mares

  • Mares only of three years and older shall be registered which;
  • a. are out of dams which are registered in the Main Stud Book or Stud Book.  The sire as well as the sires of the dam and the grand dam on the dams’   side either, have to be registered in the Stallion book of the NZHS (3 generations  pedigree) or fulfil similar conditions (e.g. regarding pedigree, conformation and performance) of a breeding population, the involvement of which is supportive to the achievement of the aims as laid down in the breeding programme and approved by  the committee and Verband Hannoverscher Warmblutzuchter


  • for the criteria in each of the 6 sections according to Clause 6 (2) achieve     at least 4 points and in the overall evaluation at least 5.0 points.

Featured image – Deacadance MH (Dacaprio/Anamour) and Fanfare MH (Furstenball/Dancier)

[Fact Box] Pre Studbook and S Studbook