Sahara Imp. (San Remo/Regazzoni)

Mares of three years and older shall be registered which;

(a)  are out of dams which are registered in the Main Studbook or Studbook.

The sire as well as the sires of the dam, the grand dam and the great grand dam on the dam’s side either have to be registered in the Stallion Book of the NZHS

(4 generation pedigree) or fulfill similar conditions (e.g. regarding pedigree, conformation and performance) of a breeding population, the involvement of which is supportive to the achievement of the aims as laid down in the breeding programme and approved by the committee and the VHW.


(b)        in the evaluation of the external appearance according to Clause 6. (2) for the criteria in each of the 6 sections achieve a mark of at least 5 and in the overall evaluation at least 7 points.

For Birth Branded Hanoverian Mares an overall evaluation of 6 points is sufficient.


Further to (a) above – the populations that would be considered approved are:-

  • Thoroughbred  xx
  • Arabian oo
  • Anglo arabian ox
  • Oldenburg
  • Holsteiner
  • Trakenher
  • Westpahlian
  • KWPN  (The Dutch Studbook)
  • Rhinelander

All of these have to also meet strict pedigree standards  – so if in doubt please always ask the Studbook keeper.


[Fact Box] Main Studbook criteria