Hanoverian mare Vollrath Wicked (Worldwide PB/Genius).
Hanoverian mare Vollrath Wicked (Worldwide PB/Genius).

Over the next few months this column will become a regular feature in order to make it easier to understand the rules and regulations of the Hanoverian Studbook which began in Germany over 250 years ago in the Hanover area – hence the name (and by comparison, a mere 34 years ago here in New Zealand).

Here are some of the topics we have in mind:-

  • History
  • Hanoverian and Hanoverian approved Stallions
  • Stallion licensing
  • Ownership
  • Membership
  • Mare Studbooks
  • Foal Registrations
  • Jumper Breeding Programme

Questions will be most welcome – we are sure there are many, so send them in to Robin Potter.

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