The mare classification and foal inspection will be held at during this years German Classification Tour.

It is really important that you have the mare in:
  • show condition
  • plaited
  • trained to run out in the best possible fashion beside you or your handler for the day.
    • The trot work will only get the mark for what they see on the day regardless of how well she trots free – and they are not the least bit sympathetic if it does not trot well. They see 100’s of mares each year and know exactly what they want to see for an 8 or 9.
 The Mare classification handbook is attached for those who don’t already have a copy. – under “Start-up forms and Information”
It has all you need to know – but if there are more questions please don’t hesitate to contact Robin Potter (Studbook Keeper).
Best regards – and enjoy the time preparing your mare.
Contact Robin Potter on: 0211733299 or Email:


Classification Presentation Expectations 2015

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