John Smith, 313 Glenbrook-Waiuku Rd, RD1Waiuku, 2681
Phone (09) 235 3996

Robin Potter, 329 School Rd RD1 Waimauku, 0881
Phone: (09) 411-5123

Saskia Brosnan
4 Chaytor Street, Westend, Palmerston North 4410
Phone/Fax (06) 356-6488

NZHS German Tour February 2015

Itinerary for Hartmut Wilking 

FRIDAY February 6th
Hartmut Wilking arrives Auckland from Germany 2.35 pm Auckland airport.
Met by Angela Smith, billeted at Stoneylea Farm.


SATURDAY February 7th
Stoneylea Farm. Start time: 10.30 am  – mares to be ready

Morning Agenda:

  • Mare family foal to assess.
  • Mare Performance Test
  • Mare classifications

Contact Angela Smith 09 2353996 or 021499734 and

Mid afternoon: Sheena Ross Sterling Warmbloods

  • 2 foals to assess

Late afternoon: Bridget and Dave Suttons property; at Henton Lodge

  • Foal assessments
  • 2 mares to classify

Renai Harts home (Riverpark Farm) for billeting


SUNDAY February 8th
Riverpark Farm.
Contact Renai (0275439794) for start times.


  • Foal assessment
  • Mare classifications


  • Foal assessments

Evening Renai taking Hartmut Wilking  into Auckland for Dinner  at a restaurant


MONDAY 9th February
Renai Hart and Hartmut Wilking to fly out from Auckland to Kaitia – check in for 7.30am, to arrive for 9.00am
Judith Matthews to pick up from the airport.

Contact Judith and Peter Matthews (Matthews Hanoverians) re start times.
Phone: (09) 4067380

Morning Agenda:

  • Foal assessments
  • Mare classifications
  • Mare families

Brian Cavey’s property:

  • one Quarterhall foal to assess.

Evening: Renai and Hartmut to be billeted with Judith and Peter Matthews


TUESDAY 10th February
Renai Hart and Hartmut Wilking to check in at 8.50am Kaitia Airport; fly to Auckland to arrive at 10.05 am. Then take the connection at Auckland to Palmerston North, so arrive in Palmerston North for 12.55 pm

Renai to drive in her company car to Bilbar Lodge

Bilbar lodge Agenda:

  • 1pm lunch with Wendy and Gary Freeman
  • 1.30-2.30 view and assess foals by Anamour

Robin Hirst property:
Contact: 027 482 7455 or 063293034 , Ngaio Road RD9 Palmerston  North.

Agenda (Robin Hirst’s Property): 3.00 – 5-00 pm

  • Mare classifications

Renai to take Hartmut to Palmerston North airport: check in at 6.00 pm

  • Renai to fly back to Auckland
  • Hartmut to fly on to Dunedin, via Wellington

Sharon McCormack to pick up Hartmut from Dunedin Airport 8.50 pm
Contact: 03 4811911 or 027 636 8837

Hartmut to be billeted with Sharon  McCormack


WEDNESDAY 11th February
Dunedin: Sharon McCormacks residence.
Contact for the Dunedin time table

Sharon to transport Hartmut Wilking to venue arenas, and to airport.

Morning Agenda:

  • Mare Performance Test
  • Mare classifications.

Afternoon Agenda:

  • Sharon to transport to Dunedin airport; check in 3.30pm to fly to Christchurch – arrive 5.00pm

Meet at Christchurch airport by Jane Williamson
Contact: (03) 312 5219 or 021 022 60498.
Billeted with Jane Williamson


THURSDAY 12th February
Robin Potter and Angela Smith fly from Auckland to Christchurch; check in at 7.20am to arrive in Christchurch for 9.10am. Hire a rental car.
Jane Williamson to drive Hartmut Wilking to Bert Elftob’s venue

Agenda: Start time 10-10.30am

  • Stallion licensing Centavos and Heartbreaker
  • Mare classifications

Brugs Nicholls property:

  • If any extra mare classifications; turn up at last minute TBC.

Drive north of Christchurch

  • Mare classification

Have a late lunch, and then on to Blenheim (driving 4-4.5 hours) with Angela Smith.
Robin Potter to fly back to Auckland late afternoon

Late afternoon / evening:

  • Arrive at Helen and Janelle Sangster-Ward property (Ward, south of Blenheim)
    Contact: (03) 5756778 or 021402225


  • Mare classifications.

Drive to Blenheim, billeted with Susan Lloyd in Blenheim, (241 Jackmans road,  Rapawa, RD3  Blenheim).

Dinner at a winery: Sue to book on our behalf.


FRIDAY 13th February

Drive to Blenheim Airport; drop of rental car. An 8.30am check in; fly back to Auckland to arrive at 11:10 am
Angela will take Hartmut Wilking to the international terminal for lunch, in preparation for flight to Australia in afternoon.


We all look forward to seeing you all and your wonderful horses very soon!

NZHS German Tour 2015 Itinerary

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