Some real highlights from the Mare classifcation tour

Judith Matthews Matthews Hanoverians fabulous foals
Doringcourt’s stallion licensing
The lovely horses at our very first Mare and Foal show at Abderry
Renai Hart‘s display of her gleaming stallion Worldly
The Mare Performance test of Henton Evita – 2 10’s for jumping no less
The wonderul Anamour – 20 years young and still so alert and lively
Cassiano – a pleasure to meet this lovely stallion
Royal Mirage W – beautiful, black and what an amazing temperament
Brighton Beach – an almost completely deserted piece of paradise
The Dunedin city tour (thanks Sharron McCormack)
The MANY amazing meals we shared with hosts and their friends – lots of farm bred beef lamb and sheep with fresh home grown veges
Spin’s unbelievable Pavlova
The general high quality of the mares and foals that were shown to us
Endless horse breeding conversations, great videos of the best young stallions from the 2012 licensing in Verden
Dr Ludwig Christmann – SOOO much knowledge, has the patience of Job, such a great guide to understanding the breeding programme – thanks a million

More to come over the weekend – mare families, foal standings, show results etc etc.


Doringcourt (Dressage Royal.Gleuckspilz)  – successfully Licensed into the Hanoverian Studbook – with Andrea Bank of North Park Equestrian, Dairy Flat Auckland

Classification Tour 2013 – some highlights

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