Welcome to the website of the New Zealand Hanoverian Society, the administrator of the official New Zealand Hanoverian and New Zealand Rheinland Studbooks and promoter of the breeds.

These are two internationally recognised Stud Books. NZHS has gained membership of the World Breeding Federation of Sporthorses – the WBFSH.

On this website you will find information about the Hanoverian and Rheinland horses, the New Zealand Hanoverian Society and the Hanoverian and Rheinland breeding programmes, including the procedures that must be followed in order to breed horses eligible for Hanoverian and Rheinland registration and branding.

The New Zealand Hanoverian

Dolly Blue.

While we strive for the breeding of talented sport horses for the dressage, jumping, eventing and driving disciplines, our horses are also equally suited for the recreational and amateur riders, who make up a large proportion of the riding population. ...

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The Hanoverian Horse

Riverpark Waileah

Hanoverians are horses of predominantly Hanoverian descent, which are bred according to the breeding regulations of the Verband Hannoverscher Warmblutzuchter e.V. (VHW) – the Hanoverian Warmblood Breeders Association in Germany....

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