Welcome to the website of the New Zealand Hanoverian Society, the administrator of the official New Zealand Hanoverian and New Zealand Rheinland Studbooks and promoter of the breeds.

These are two internationally recognised Stud Books. NZHS has gained membership of the World Breeding Federation of Sporthorses – the WBFSH.

On this website you will find information about the Hanoverian and Rheinland horses, the New Zealand Hanoverian Society and the Hanoverian and Rheinland breeding programmes, including the procedures that must be followed in order to breed horses eligible for Hanoverian and Rheinland registration and branding.


New Zealand Hanoverian Society
New Zealand Hanoverian Society4 days ago
So true! Breeding is not for the faint of heart, hats off to all our wonderful breeders 🖤💛
New Zealand Hanoverian Society
New Zealand Hanoverian Society1 week ago
Very interesting info here for the jumpers! 💛🖤
New Zealand Hanoverian Society
New Zealand Hanoverian Society1 week ago
Stoneylea Farm 💛🖤
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Results of NZ Hanoverians

NZ Hanoverian FEI results

Here’s how our NZ bred Hanoverians and NZ Rheinlanders are doing at home and internationally, courtesy of Hippomundo....

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Hanoverian Breeder’s Guide

2019 Hanoverian Breeder’s Guide

Read all about the Hanoverian breed in the new guide for Breeders from the Verband. This full-colour guide tells you everything you need to know about breeding a Hanoverian....

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Hanoverian – What is in the name?

Stoneylea Furstin Fantasie

Out in the paddock grazing is your magnificent Hanoverian horse. If you are lucky enough to own an excellent example of this breed, you would have acquired or obtained pedigree papers. ...

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