The Hanoverian Horse

The modern Hanoverian horse represents one of the most prominent breeds for riding horses in the world. In Germany, the studbook comprises close to 19,500* registered brood mares and 450 approved breeding stallions and covers the largest homogeneous breeding area in Europe. Each year, Hanoverian horses are exported from Germany all over the world for both riding and breeding. The German Hanoverian Association has encouraged the establishment of daughter societies in Australia, Canada, DenmarkFinlandFrance, Great Britain, Russia, USA, as well as here in New Zealand.

In equestrian sport, horses from the Hanoverian breeding programme feature in all disciplines at Olympic, World championship and World Cup level. Many top international competition horses carry the H brand – the Hanoverian trade mark – on the lateral aspect of their left hindquarter.

*(figures taken from “The Hanoverian” 1/2010)

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