New Zealand Rhineland Studbook

Rheinland Studbook

-A summary of the most important studbook rules of The Rhineland Studbook

(Full New Zealand rules will be put in place after the August 2017 AGM)

  1. It is a Breeding programme allowing a broader base of horses
  2. The same philosophy is employed – following a strong and well established Breeding Programme
  3. Rhineland is a quality brand representing the process – maintaining the rules and integrity of the process
  4. The Rhineland brand is global – with the same standards in NZ as internationally
  5. Stallions come from approved populations and must achieve a pass in both the testing standards – licensing and performance.

5.1 Stallion licensing

Stallions licensed by Hannoveraner Verband are automatically accepted by studbook Rhineland.

The other way round does not work. It can happen, that a stallion is licensed for Rhineland, but cannot be accepted for Hanover.

Possible reasons why a stallion cannot be accepted for Rhineland:

    • The stallion does not meet the pedigree requirements. Rhineland studbook only requires four generations, but Hannover six generations of acceptable ancestors.
    • A Non Hanoverian stallion does not score high enough at the stallion licensing. The passing score for studbook Rhineland is 7.0 for all stallions. Non Hanoverian stallions in Hannover need a passing score of 7.5
    • A stallion meets the performance requirements for Rhineland, but not for Hannover. Requirements for stallions in a 30 or 70-day-test for studbook Rhineland: Stallions need a breeding value dressage or jumping of 80 and an average score of 7.0 or a dressage or jumping score of 8.0 or better. In addition to a 30-day-test a stallion needs sport results in young horse classes for his final approval. These requirements are identical to the requirements for Hannoveraner studbook. The same applies to results in open sport classes.
    • A stallion cannot be licensed for Hannover because of his colour. Rhineland studbook accepts coloured horses as well.

7. The Mare Studbook – mares are by a stallion with the correct lineage from a Breed Register that appears on the list supplied in the German rules translation. This is primarily NZWBA and AWHA mares in the New Zealand situation.

7.1   Main studbook: acceptable are three year old and older mares with an approved pedigree of four generations. The studbook inspection has the same traits as for Hanoverians. A main studbook mare must have an overall score of 6.0 and may not be below 5 in the six criteria essential for the classification.

Studbook: accepted are three year old and older mares with an approved pedigree of three generations. In the studbook inspection a mare must score a 5 in the overall score.

These rules apply for Rhineland mares but also for mares of other breeds approved for Rhineland studbook.

7.2 Moving from the Rhineland studbook to the Hanoverian studbook

A Rhineland mare (which means a mare with a pedigree paper issued by Rhineland studbook) may move to Hanoverian studbook but must meet the Hanoverian studbook rules. It will happen, that a Rhineland mare will not meet the Hanoverian requirements, especially with regards to pedigree or colour.