Mare Performance Test

The performance test is not compulsory for mares (as it is for stallions) for them to be eligible for breeding. However, the opportunity is there for a mare to become an Elite mare candidate if she has undergone and passed the mare performance test with an overall score of not less than 7.0.

The mare performance test takes place in three parts

  1. Evaluation of gaits under saddle
  2. Evaluation of rideability, (which includes a score given by an experienced, independent rider)
  3. free-jumping technique and scope.

The mare will be required to perform a simple dressage test both with her own rider and with an independent rider.

The Mare Performance Test is designed to be taken when the mare is young so that her innate qualities are observed, un-influenced by years of training. In this way, her strengths and weaknesses can be assessed. If she is used for breeding, her MPT results will be a tool to help the breeder in the choice of a suitable stallion for her.

In Germany, the Mare Performance Test results of a stallion’s daughters are one of the factors used in assessing the stallion’s breeding value.


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