Mare Classification

In Germany, Classification is known as Studbook Inspection.

The mare Classification is carried out in New Zealand by our appointed Classifiers, or by a representative of the Hanoverian Verband. The mare must be three years or older, and fulfill the pedigree requirements, as laid out in the NZ Hanoverian Society rulebook, for the section of the Studbook for which she would be eligible.

The mare is evaluated for

  1. breed and sex type
  2. quality of conformation, which entails separate marks for head, neck, saddle position, frame, forelimbs and feet, hindlimbs and feet, height (approximately 15.3hh or over)
  3. Correctness of the gait
  4. Impulsion and elasticity (refers to the trot)
  5. Walk
  6. General impression and development
  7. Overall evaluation

The mare’s canter when turned out loose, as well as free jumping, may be considered in addition as individual criteria when making the overall evaluation.