Foal Registration

There are strict protocols in place to ensure identification of any horse that will be registered in the NZHS studbook. These include a detailed and precise description of colour, markings and brand marks, and parent verification using DNA testing.

Registration of birth
Each year, the Studbook keeper provides the owners of active breeding mares with a Mare Return form and a Foal Return form. The Mare Return form is completed by the mare owner and returned to the Studbook keeper to confirm the type of and date of insemination and the names of the stallion and mare.

Within 28 days of the birth of a foal, the owner must report the birth to the studbook keeper, using the Foal Return form. A description of the foal that includes sex, colour, markings and whether the foal was alive or stillborn, is included.

It is advisable to choose the name of the foal at this stage, so that the name will be included on the foal’s pedigree certificate. Delay in choosing a name for your foal may result in the inconvenience of having to get the name added at a later date.

Parent verification of the foal
All foals, no matter how they are conceived, must undergo parent identification by DNA testing. DNA envelopes are available from the Studbook keeper.

Your veterinarian will take mane hair samples from the foal (and from the mare if this has not already been done), and at the same time fill out an identification form, which is sent with the sample(s), to the DNA laboratory. A copy is sent back to the Studbook keeper. The DNA results are sent to the Studbook keeper.

Registration of a name
The name chosen for the foal ideally should start with the same letter of the alphabet as that of its sire. The acceptance and registration of names is confirmed by the committee.