Registration papers

Pedigree certificates (birth certificates)

Pink pedigree certificates (“Pink Papers”) are issued by the Society for foals by licensed, performance tested stallions, from Studbook mares. The front of the pedigree papers bears the NZHS brand mark.

If you believe you are buying a registered Hanoverian horse, make sure to view the pink paper and that a change of ownership form is completed.

The pedigree certificates are issued only when the following conditions apply:

  • in the year of the covering act both parents are registered in the appropriate sections of the Studbook, or will be at the latest in the year of the foal’s birth.
  • the foaling is notified in writing to the Studbook Keeper within 28 days after the date of foaling and identifying sex, colour and markings are provided.
  • parent  identification of the foal at the mare’s foot has been done by DNA test
  • the foal has been visually identified by the branding official of the Society, or a veterinarian, the brands applied and branding documentation returned to the Studbook Keeper.
  • All relevant fees, including membership fee, have been paid.

The pink paper is only issued once. It belongs to the horse but remains the property of the issuing Society. It must remain with the owner of the horse. Additional details, such as entry into the mare studbook, are added by the Studbook keeper from time to time as necessary.

A duplicate copy of a birth certificate can only be issued on application, and then only by affidavit. The duplicate is to be clearly marked as such. A fee will be charged.

Upon the death of the horse, the Pink Paper should be returned to the Studbook keeper.