Foal Branding

Each foal, once it has been identified by a recorded description of its markings, sex and colour, and the parent identification by DNA has been confirmed, is allocated a registration number by the Studbook keeper prior to branding. The Studbook keeper will advise you of this number in writing, with a form to be completed by your veterinarian at the time of the branding. This number is unique and not to be changed.

The (trademark) H-NZ brand, is applied to the left thigh, and the birth year and allocated number applied to the left shoulder. This must be done while the foal is still on the dam and within 12 months of birth. In exceptional circumstances, if branding has not been possible while the foal is still at foot (e.g. in the case of maternal death), the foal may still be branded provided certain criteria are fulfilled.
Such cases are considered on an individual basis.

The branding is done under the direction of the Studbook Keeper by the appointed Inspector(s), or by a registered Veterinary Surgeon.

The brand mark – emblem of the NZHS

The NZHS brand mark consists of stylised crossed horses’ heads, symbolising the H for Hanoverian and the letters NZ, to identify the country of birth.

The Branding Iron is held by the Inspection Commission/Studbook Keeper, under the President’s supervision.


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Foal Branding Chart
Foal Branding Chart
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