Stallion Selection

Colts that have a suitable pedigree go through the selection process in several steps, as described in the following flow chart.

Stallion selection Flow Chart


The selection process

The approving of stallions for breeding is an exceptionally thorough and very lengthy process. Although some testing is done in other countries, the main stallion licensing is in Germany, home of the breed.

The first step in the selection process takes place just before weaning, at roughly six months of age. Colts that display outstanding qualities are chosen to be reared at the Stallion Rearing Stud at Hunnesrueck, which is connected to the State Stud Celle, or by private stallion rearers. To get this far, a young horse has to pass very stringent inspections for pedigree, conformation, type and gaits, as well as freedom from any physical defects, hereditary diseases or abnormalities.

At the age of two these stallions are brought before a commission of the Verband, which makes a pre-selection for the main licensing. Of the 800 or so presented, only about 100 colts are chosen to go on to the main stallion grading at two-and-a-half years of age. Before the licensing, they have to pass a thorough veterinary inspection (including Xrays of all joints), by two vets contracted to the Verband. Those not chosen to go forward for licensing will eventually be gelded and sold as riding horses.