The Rheinland Studbook is here in New Zealand – absolutely!

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Rheinland has a rich history that has already produced top horses with a lot of Hanoverian blood – like the stallions Belissimo M, Florestan, Lord Loxley, Ehrentush and our dressage representative at the Rio de Janiero Olympic Games and current NZ Horse of the Year Champion, Vom Feinsten  Imp. (Fidermark/Weltmeyer) and our ever consistent champions winner Wisdom WDS (Whisper IV/Anamour) B. Kieryn Walton.

  • The Rheinland Studbook has a diverse range of horses in one of the world’s most successful sport horse breeding programmes.
  • New Zealand warmblood mares with approved pedigrees may be accepted into the Rheinland Studbook. Their foals by Rheinland approved stallions are eligible. A wide range of colour diversity is accepted.
  • There is no change in the Hanoverian Society’s philosophy, with its strong, well established breeding programme.
  • The rules and integrity of the process are totally maintained.
  • Rheinland is a quality global brand, with the same standards maintained in New Zealand as the rest of the world.
  • The Rheinland Studbook accepts all Hanoverian approved, licensed and performance tested stallions.

Vom Feinsten Imp. Horse of the Year Show 2017

Wisdom WDS – Champion Level 1 2017 and Level 2 2018

           Top Foals  2017 and 2018 – Furst Hit EDH (Furstenball/Sandro Hit) B. Victoria Wall and Furst of All O (Furstenball/Lessing) B. Dr Anne Stewart

           Top Rheinland  Studbook Mares 2017 and 2018. Jaybee Jazzmin Imp. (Jazz/Aachimedes) B. Jaybee Stud Australia. Owners Stuchbery Family and Quiana (Quaterhall/Landioso Holst.) B. Debra Bromiley. Owner Imogen Neale.

  3 year old ready for competition – Flash O (Furstenball/Dream of Gold) B. Dr Anne Stewart

Another super foal 2017 born  – Bontastic (Bon Coeur/Anamour) B. Kieryn Walton

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Contact – The Studbook keeper, Robin Potter.


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